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Studies also indicate that women over the age of Advocacy of a large navy After Marathonmost Athenians thought that the danger was past, but not Themistocles. What interaction is there between One of his claims is that the others wanted to sail away and Themistocles had to blackmail them.

Unfortunately, the Greeks had failed to do so at Artemisium, and the invaders easily reached Athens.

It is hard to imagine any of this finding its way back to what it became. This is true of Greek figures Themistocles and Aristides, who were paired off with Roman figures Camillus and Cato the elder respectively. When the Persian fleet arrived at the opposite shore, Eurybiades wanted to retreat, but Themistocles - who wanted to counter the Persian offensive before it reached Athens - bribed him to stay.

Themistocles deliberately abandoned Athens the Persians burned the Acropolismoving the population west to the island of Salamis, where they were joined by remaining Spartans. Greek sculpture exhibited a spirit and life based on freedom; Persian sculpture was stiff and celebrated the king.

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With the defeat of the Persians, the Greeks would enter their "Golden Age" -and all of the names better known to students today - Pericles, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Herodotus, Aeschylus, Sophocles, and others - appear. And Themistocles had two sons older than these three, Neocles and Diocles.

Compare and contrast the presentation of Themistocles and Aristides in Plutarch’s Lives

A brief Greek expedition to the north in the spring ofto check if it was possible to defend Greece at Tempewas soon aborted. Despite being outnumbered by nearly twice as many Persian ships, the Greeks fought valiantly and came out victorious in the end.

The Greeks would have had to evacuate their position anyhow, because Thermopylae had fallen and the Persian cavalry might attack them in the rear.

Themistocles Essay

Porter Analysis 10 6. Interdisciplinary communication is also Inthe great king sent his relative Mardonius to conquer Macedoniaand inhis generals Datis and Artaphernes conquered the Aegean islands.

Instead of tarnishing and undermining his earlier reputation and the deeds done on behalf of his homeland, he is said to have called a banquet with friends at his home in Magnesia whereupon he poisoned himself. Legacy Themistocles was often viewed unfavourably by early writers.

Themistocles Essay

The initial respect and praise that Themistocles was showered with quickly came to an end. Themistocles Essay Themistocles Essay Themistocles was a great Athenian statesman and general who played an important role in the Second Persian War by leading the Greeks to victory.

Convinced of certain failure against such powerful adversaries and trumped-up charges, he went into self-imposed exile. To do this, every able-bodied Athenian male would be required to man the ships.

While others felt that the allusion to a wooden wall meant the Athenians should hide behind the wall of the Acropolis, Themistocles convinced them that the wooden walls represented the naval fleet and that the Athenians were destined to win the battle at Salamis against Xerxes.

The name of Themistocles is little known today, but to him we owe a large part of what we are.Assess Themistocles’ role in the Greek defeat of the Persians in BC. Themistocles stands paramount above the rest of the Greek figures as the Athenian general, whose abilities as a tactician and strategist thwarted the Persian invasion force into mainland Greece.

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Themistocles. Themistocles Essay Themistocles was a great Athenian statesman and general who played an important role in the Second Persian War by leading the Greeks to victory. Born to an Athenian father, Neocles, and what seems to have been a foreign mother, Themistocles demonstrated great potential from an early age.

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To what extent was Themistocles responsible for the Greek victory in the Persian Wars? Daniel Ashby Themistocles was responsible for the Greek victory in the Persian wars to a considerable extent.

Family. Themistocles was born in the Attic deme of Phrearrhioi around BC, the son of Neocles, who was, in the words of Plutarch "no very conspicuous man". His mother is more obscure; according to Plutarch, she was either a Thracian woman called Abrotonon, or Euterpe, a Carian from Halicarnassus.

Like many contemporaries, little is known of .

Essay on themistocles
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